Python Austria Slack

The Python Austria Slack was created to bring together people interested in and using the Python programming language in Austria, regardless of skill level or previous community involvement. It serves as a place to discuss Python and related topics, to ask questions, to post about events, jobs and more.

The main language used in this Slack is English in order to make it possible for people who do not speak German to participate. If you feel your English is not the best, please do not feel discouraged – many other people in this Slack are not native speakers of English either, and varying levels of English are expected.

Code of Conduct

Because the Python Austria Slack aims to be a supportive community with a welcoming atmosphere, it has a Code of Conduct in place, which all members need to abide by.

Discrimination and harassment are not welcome and the feelings of those hurt by negative behaviour will be prioritised over the feelings of those who caused harm.


This Slack is invitation-only, but invitations are freely granted.
You can ask an existing member to have you invited or fill out this form: